About SoulBreath

SoulBreath is a new centre for the study and practice of meditation. The centre is located in central Wells within walking distance of the High Street.

About Karina

Throughout my life I have sought to bring clarity to my mental and emotional states. One of the greatest gifts and the most important benefit that meditation brings to me personally is increased awareness and calm.

Before discovering meditation I had a tendency to feel overwhelmed by life’s pressures and stress. These feelings would often spiral deeply out of control and be increasingly difficult to turn around. Once I discovered meditation I found an amazing sense of calm, which sharpened my mind and allowed me to see the issues for what they really were.

Life tends to present us with many obstacles. Sometimes these roadblocks stop us in our tracks and we have no way of figuring out how to continue on our journey. I have encountered this myself. I speak from deep personal experience.

I would like to teach you how to calm your busy mind and learn to access the natural stillness within yourself. Once we learn to sit and just breathe, our constant stream of thought is interrupted and we can feel liberated from the voice in our head, let go of negative thoughts and learn to live in the present moment.

I’m not a guru or a spiritual teacher. There is no religious element to what I do. I am on a path of deep learning and am simply excited to share what has helped me so far. My greatest wish is to empower people to access their natural inner wisdom and peace, to grow and live a happy life.

Other things to know about me: I was born in the Netherlands but spent most of my childhood in Canada, England and South Africa. It was a multicultural upbringing and once I left home I continued this nomadic lifestyle. I met my English husband in Indonesia where we were married. We lived in Indonesia, France and the US before settling in Somerset in 2002.

I gained my meditation teaching certification through the British School of Meditation and I am the founder of SoulBreath.