Karina Wilson-Meijer
Meditation & Mindfulness tuition

Karina offers meditation and mindfulness training. Her classes and workshops are intended for those who have no experience of meditation, as well as experienced meditators who would like to expand their knowledge of the practice. She aims to teach the theory and technique of meditation, and to explain the potential benefits.

Over time, different cultures around the world have developed a number of different meditation techniques. Fundamentally, the basics behind all the major practices are the same, it is only the details, and some of the underlying belief systems, that are different. Karina believes that meditation is a life skill and a continual learning curve. We don’t need to journey very far to feel the benefits of the practice, but we do need commitment, determination and patience for the best results.

Karina's courses and lessons offer you the tools to help with starting and maintaining a practice. The simple act of emptying our heads is like refreshing ourselves mentally and physically.

Karina gained her teaching certification through the British School of Meditation and she is the founder of Quantum Life and SoulBreath, a new centre for the practice and study of meditation.

Julie Ann Horrox
Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader

Julie Ann Horrox is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, with over 19 years’ experience working with the breath. She has gained a wide breadth of knowledge that will empower you to clear mental and emotional blocks, to feel lighter, freer and more deeply connected to your inner truth and wisdom.

Transformational Breath® is a loving and self-empowering process where life changes come with ease and grace changing your breathing pattern. Breath is life and so when we change the way that we breathe we transform subconscious behavioural patterns, clear old tapes and beliefs, thus leaving space for more energy and self-belief.

For example, clients have transformed their personal relationships, began to express their true feelings, reported that physical symptoms disappear, found a new connection to their inner joy and enthusiasm for life. Many have been able to move beyond constant worrying or stressful patterns, discovered their true life path or had the courage to let go of people or things they had long outgrown and create something new or exciting in their lives.

For more information please see Julie Ann's website.

For appointments with Julie Ann: 07967 308 695

Lasare Juliet Maloney
Personal Transformation Coach and Healer

Lasare is a Personal Transformation Coach and Healer, with over 15 years of helping people to trust and understand the currents of their lives. She has been working with the internationally renowned and award-winning Arrigo Programme for 5 years, also seeing private clients and leading groups since 2006.

Lasare specialises in helping her clients to manage their feelings, connect with their body, their sense of life purpose, general self-care and relationships, working both individually in person, in groups and by skype.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, Breathwork, Guided Meditations, Movement Practices, Energy Clearing Tools, and teaching The Law of Attraction principles, Lasare brings a fluid and often fun exploration of what is working or not in her clients' lives.

These tools facilitate deep, lasting changes integrating into daily life. Lasare's passion is in seeing her clients learn to make incremental and perceivable changes, teaching them to develop greater self-care, self-love and well-being, leading to breakthroughs in clarity and satisfaction in their lives.

Coaching with Lasare is a varied, sometimes active, deep reclaiming of personal empowerment.
Through these sessions, the client develops understanding for their systems’ feedback and the innate need to return to the inner wisdom within us all.

Follow up sessions to groups and courses can be on skype or in person, bringing this support into your regular life, whether in a series, or booked on an as needed basis, including daily mini sessions for times of intense change and challenge.

For appointments with Lssare: 07734 405 145

For more information please see Lasare's website.